Under the Sea Chair is hand made with fish and mermaids hiding in the deep.

All our Playful Chairs are bespoke and made to order. A 50% deposit is required to proceed with your order.

“Sorry I’m late, I was swimming round a shipwreck.
I swam into a treasure chest, and someone closed the lid.
I bashed and thrashed until a mermaid let me out again.”
“Oh, no, she didn’t.”
“Oh, yes, she did.”

Excerpt from Tiddler by Julia Donaldson

Under the Sea was our first design. It has been energetically tested by its recipients who thoroughly enjoy collecting, hiding and playing with the many colourful silk fish which hide in the weed that features on the back, front and side of the piece.  Yet more fish are caught in the hand-made net that loops over part of the back.  Some fish are appliqued directly to the base fabric, never to escape. Others are made from scraps of brightly-coloured fabric which is hand-embroidered so no two fish can be the same.  Each fish is a unique part of the whole with its own personality; young owners quickly spot when one goes missing!  Yet more spare fish (and the occasional mermaid) can be stored in the Fish Case that goes with the chair.  The pirate’s chest has a magnetic catch so that the lid can be lifted to view the treasure within. Fish and mermaids hide there too.  The underside of the chair has a lightweight cargo net attached, to store a few favourite books.  Our Under the Sea chair is just waiting to join your family to become an heirloom chair for generations.

Our current favourite top fabric is Arkona velvet.  This has a lovely wavy pattern, is soft and tactile and very hardwearing.  However, we can work on other fabrics and will discuss options with you when you order.