Collect, hide and play with the many colourful silk fish which hide in the weeds and are caught in the net. Keep searching and you may even find a mermaid or some hidden treasure. Curl up with your favourite book and make the experience of reading even more magical with the Under the Sea bespoke children’s chair!

This collector’s chair! is designed for the connoisseur featuring beautifully embroidered ladybirds and dragonflies, delicate butterflies, small frogs and fish that can be repositioned among the appliquéd reeds and lily pads. Choose your favourite pond inhabitants and we will do our best to recreate them for you in shimmering threads and bright silks to give you an amazing bespoke children’s chair.

Playful Chair Specifications

Finished dimensions:

  • Height: 60cm;
  • Depth of seat (front to back) 38cm;
  • Width seat front 40cm, width seat back: 34cm;
  • Height of seat from floor 11cm. Leg height 6.5cm.

Material: Lily Pad and Under the Sea, both currently use Arkona velvet.  Additional decoration is in mixed fibre, usually, applique silk or linen.  All materials used in the construction of the chairs are compliant with current regulations. The soft play elements are made of silk, cotton or linen, stuffed with wadding that is supplied for working with soft toys. All decorative elements are sewn on by hand.

Age group: 3 – 12