Rescue corner

I love to spend time searching for unloved chairs in junk shops or skips to bring them back to life.  Bookmark this page to keep an eye on new pieces that I will add to Rescue Corner as they become available.

Give a new lease of life to your favourite pieces

We also work on your own pieces to bring them back to life.  Perhaps you have a favourite small chair that you would like to refresh? You may even have enquired about having it re-upholstered.  However, we can offer something truly unique with our bespoke reupholstery service.

Ordinary recovering too dull?  Let us work with you to create something fun and beautiful that is truly yours and limited only by our joint imaginations!  We can work with both traditional and modern techniques and have the skill to complete each piece with embroidered techniques that will delight everyone who sees it.

Contact us with your ideas and an idea of budget and we can take it from there.

A formally unloved chairs restoration. Chaise longue restoration

Straight from the skip… work in progress.

An example of what we can do to bring unloved chairs back to life.
Refurbishment can help reclaim an unloved chairs originality.

Fine chairs restored and reupholstered to reclaim their originality.

A unloved chairs undergoing our reupholstery service

Lovingly restored.

Victorian Chair

This lovely Victorian chair has been carefully restored using techniques similar to those that would have been used when the chair was first made.

Victorian Chair created from unloved chairs.

Painted Chair

This beautifully refurbished occasional chair is painted in a soft grey-green and gilded to give life to the Victorian carving. Ideal for the bedroom or bathroom.

Painted Chair created from former unloved chairs.